Which Australian recruiters are the most racist?

A study by recruiting and recruiting consultancy The Future Agency found that a whopping 86 per cent of recruiters interviewed in 2016 were racist.

The report also found that recruitment directors were more likely to be male than female, with 53 per cent reporting that they were male.

In comparison, only 31 per cent said they were female, while the other 19 per cent were neither.

The findings come after the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission launched an investigation into recruitment practices, which is being led by a former Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Fair Work Ombudsman will consider whether recruiting practices were discriminatory and will also examine recruitment of Indigenous and other disadvantaged groups.

The commission will also consider whether there are systemic issues that can be addressed through improved recruitment and training programs.

The organisation said that recruitment and recruitment directors could be required to complete an annual training program, but the report did not include the number of people that were trained.

“There is no one-size-fits-all answer to recruiting and recruitment issues, but there are some steps that recruiters can take to improve the recruiting experience for all recruiters,” the report said.

“Some recruiters have already addressed recruitment issues and have been successful in recruiting and retaining their staff, but others still face recruitment challenges and the issue is not solved by recruitment training.”

A spokeswoman for the Fair Work Commission said the organisation was working with recruitment directors to address recruitment bias.

“The Fairwork Ombudsman has identified a number of areas in which the Commission will look at recruiting, including recruitment training, and we will work with recruitment boards to identify and address recruitment issues in a timely and effective way,” she said.

The Future Agency has also launched a training initiative for recruiters to help them identify recruitment issues.

“Our recruiting coach is in the process of completing training on recruitment bias, and will continue to monitor the impact of recruiting bias,” the organisation said.

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