What happened to the ‘Trump-Clinton’ story?

President Donald Trump has promised to keep up his campaign promises.

What he hasn’t done is promise to fulfill his campaign promise to keep the American people safe.

He promised to make America safe and sound again.

He promised to bring back jobs and prosperity to our country.

He pledged to get rid of the drug cartels and the violence that has consumed our communities for too long.

But in his first 100 days, he has done little to fulfill these promises.

In his first hundred days, Trump has done nothing to protect America’s borders or keep our communities safe.

He has not shown any interest in ending the opioid crisis.

He hasn’t put a dime of his own money into fixing the crumbling infrastructure in our country and our cities.

He continues to deny the existence of climate change.

And his first few months in office have been disastrous for America and our countrymen.

He’s only gotten worse and worse, and the longer this goes on, the worse things get for the American family.

The President has also failed to take any meaningful steps to rebuild our country’s crumbling infrastructure.

He still refuses to take even a simple step to fix our crumbling infrastructure, let alone do anything to save our crumbling schools, bridges and hospitals.

In fact, he continues to use taxpayer dollars to prop up a crumbling infrastructure that has been in place for decades.

We’re seeing it in the communities that we’re talking about here in Ohio.

In Toledo, we’ve seen the impact of the flooding from Hurricane Matthew, and we’re seeing the damage to schools and hospitals as a result.

And in Cleveland, there’s been massive damage to our city center that we haven’t even seen yet, and now we’re just seeing it all come down.

The President has not even made a single day that we can call a day.

So, let me be very clear.

We’re not just going to sit by and let this happen.

The American people deserve better.

They deserve answers, and they deserve accountability.

They want their country back.

And it’s not just the infrastructure, because our country has always had a great infrastructure.

When the president campaigned on rebuilding America, he promised to fix it, not just with the money he has spent, but with the help that he has given to American companies and American workers.

The infrastructure that he wants to rebuild is going to be a national asset.

But it’s going to require hard work.

And it will take some time.

The President hasn’t even done enough to address the issue of the opioid epidemic.

He doesn’t even mention the epidemic in the same breath as his other promises.

In many ways, he’s made America worse.

He failed to stop the epidemic that was on the rise in our communities.

He is ignoring the issue when it comes to protecting the lives of American families, the safety of our children and the health of our communities from the devastating opioid crisis that we’ve been dealing with for too many years.

And that’s the President’s job, his responsibility as our president, to take on the opioid scourge, to get it under control, and to fix the broken system that is costing our country millions of dollars a day and is costing American families thousands of jobs.

So when President Trump said last month, you know, the opioid problem, it’s time for me to do something about it, and it’s just the latest in a long line of promises that the President has made to the American public.

And yet, we’re still seeing it, as you said, across the country.

And I’m very disappointed in that.

And let me tell you, I’m a little bit frustrated too.

The president has repeatedly promised us, and he has kept his word, that he will get the opioid solution to the opioid issue.

He said in the first 100 minutes of his presidency that we will solve the opioid threat in this country.

We have not.

And as we’ve said before, we will get to the root of the problem and the real solutions that will get us out of this mess.

And that’s what I’m going to do, and that’s why I will continue to make it my number one priority.

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