How to find the best college recruiters in the country

Coast Guard recruiter Nick Koster is known for his work on the recruiting trail and the college game, and he’s done a great job on his own recruiting.

But now that Koster has become a part of the national recruiting scene, he wants to share his advice to anyone wanting to land a college basketball recruit.

As Koster explained on’s recruiting podcast, the first step to landing a top college recruit is knowing who to ask.

The first thing to know about a recruit is their character.

Koster said if you want to land the best recruit, you need to be able to say who they are and how they relate to other recruits.

“A recruit can be a little bit different than an athlete or a basketball player,” Koster said.

“You need to know the character of the person you’re interviewing and how well they relate and how good they are at what they do.

And then you want the character.””

You can do a little research and you can find a lot of different people,” Kizer added.

“But you need somebody that you can say, ‘I know this person.’

That’s really what it comes down to.

You need somebody who has a good character, who has that mindset that says, ‘You know what?

I’m going to do what’s right for this school and this school’s team.’

That’ll be the first thing that comes to mind.””

If you want a guy that is going to be successful at college, you’re going to have to ask for that.”

As for Koster’s top picks, he likes to find guys that are driven to win on and off the court, and they have the ability to put in the time.

“The biggest thing about these guys is that they’ve got a real desire to win,” Kosten said.

“They want to be the best at what it means to them.

And that’s not just for basketball, but they want to win in life.

That’s what you want when you’re recruiting.”

Koster also mentioned that a lot players go through this process of wanting to prove that they can make it at the next level.

“You need people who are willing to be that competitor,” KOSTER said.

And as for who Koster thinks is the best recruiter, he’s been impressed with some of the people he’s interviewed so far.

“I think I’ve interviewed a lot more people than I think I have at the college level,” KSTER said of his work with recruits.

“There are a lot who I’ve actually talked to and I’ve been able to really connect with them.”

“And I think there’s a lot that can be learned from the best recruits, and it comes from how they think.

They’ve got to be motivated to go out there and work hard and play hard.””

I’ve been talking to people for over a year and they’re still trying to figure out how to say, I’m not going to go to college.

I’m trying to find out what they want from me.”

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