What we know about Michigan State’s Nick Bosa: ‘He’s going to be a heck of a player’

MIAMI — Nick Boselli was one of the best defensive backs in the country.

His athleticism was so rare, so unique, that it was almost impossible to believe it could be possible.

And it was.

But as Bosellis freshman season wore on, his confidence grew and his confidence in himself diminished.

He was not the same player he had been.

His confidence fell.

Bosely was on the verge of a season-ending injury, and the first sign of doubt appeared in his performance in his first game back from a knee injury.

The Spartans’ biggest concern was that Bosel would be the player he was, and if he was not, it was because of a knee ailment, and not any issues on the field.

And then it happened.

“I just didn’t play well, I didn’t show up, I couldn’t get back to the game,” he said.

“And that was it.

That was it.”

Bosello, the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL draft, had been the Spartans’ defensive MVP.

In his first season, Boseli was the first player in the program’s history to record 11 interceptions and seven pass breakups.

But Bosella never looked back.

“He had a lot of people questioning what he could do,” coach Jim Harbaugh said.

He went on to earn first-team All-Big Ten honors, and he started every game at corner.

Bosa, who was the top pick in that draft, played in all 14 games and recorded five interceptions.

Bosingllis interception total was one shy of the record for the most interceptions in a single season by a player drafted in the first round.

And the year Boselly was injured, he had four games with at least one interception, including a pair of picks against Northwestern in the season opener and an interception against Purdue in the Cotton Bowl.

BOSELLI IN THE BOWL Boseley was the No

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