Franklin recruiting group to invest $250,000 in Ohio State

Franklin recruiting site announced Thursday that it will invest $200,000 to invest in Ohio state and will invest another $200 million in the next five years.

Franklin said that the new investment will help the group create a “great foundation for the next decade.”

Franklin is the second recruiting group Franklin has invested in in Ohio, following a $200-million investment last year.

It has also invested in Ohio’s two biggest universities, Ohio State University and Ohio State Capital, which has $50 million of capital commitments.

Franklin is not the only big name that has invested into Ohio State.

The Ohio State Board of Regents has also committed to a $100 million investment in the university, which Franklin will use to expand its campus and invest in new research.

Franklin’s $200-$200 million investment is the latest in a series of new investments the Franklin Group has made over the past year.

In August, Franklin announced plans to open its first location in North Carolina, and in October, the Franklin group announced plans for a $500 million investment to create a new research and development center in the city of Akron.

Franklin also announced that it is developing an outdoor shopping center in Akron that will be able to accommodate 500,000 square feet of retail.

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