What are the best recruiting rankings for the next cycle?

With a number of schools moving on from the 2017 season, the best recruit rankings for 2018 are in.

The latest rankings come from Scout.com and Scout.co.uk and are based on the 247Sports composite rankings.

The 247Sports Composite ranks all the schools in the country, and they have the most current data available for each school, as well as the rankings from other sites.

This is the first time the top five schools have been ranked since 2013.

While there is still a few things to be determined, it appears that some schools are making the move to more stable recruiting rankings, with the exception of Texas A&M, which has been one of the top programs in the nation since it joined the league in 2017.

Texas A & M has had a rocky recruiting process, with rumors of recruits being dropped or even being kicked off the team due to alleged off-field issues, according to Scout.

There has also been a rash of suspensions from schools in recent years, as 247Sports ranked only four schools this past year.

The rankings do not include other top schools like Oklahoma State, Texas A.&M, or LSU.

Here is the full list of schools that have been released:1.

Alabama Crimson Tide2.

Auburn Tigers3.

Baylor Bears4.

Florida Gators5.

LSU Tigers6.

Oklahoma Sooners7.

Oregon Ducks8.

Tennessee Volunteers9.

Washington Huskies10.

Wisconsin Badgers11.

Florida State Seminoles12.

Georgia Bulldogs13.

Michigan Wolverines14.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish15.

Michigan State Spartans16.

Ohio State Buckeyes17.

Oklahoma State Cowboys18.

Texas Longhorns19.

TCU Horned Frogs20.

Texas Tech Red Raiders21.

Texas Wolverines22.

UCLA Bruins23.

UCLA Trojans24.

Ohio Buckeyes25.

USC Trojanessthe rankings are based off of the 247Composite rankings and do not account for the 247 Sports Composite rankings, which only include the top 25 schools.

Here is the latest information from the rankings:1) Alabama Crimson and Auburn Tigers2) Baylor Bears3) Florida Gators4) LSU Tigers5) Texas Aggies6) Oklahoma Soonars7) Oregon Ducks 8) Tennessee Volunteers 9) Washington Husks 10) Wisconsin Badges 11) Georgia Bulldogs 12) Michigan Wolveries 13) Notre Dame Flying Tigers 14) Michigan State Tigers 15) Ohio State Wolverines16) Ohio Wolverines17) Ohio Ohio State Trojaneasts 18) Florida State Seals19) Texas Longhorn20) Texas Tech Rattlers21) Texas Wolverine22) UCLA Bruins

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