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In March of this year, a series of emails between three Florida football recruits made national news.

All three were former commits from the same high school, including one who committed to Clemson before deciding to transfer.

In one of the emails, the two recruiters shared that they had agreed to a “free” visit.

They also shared that the visit would be a “tour” to Florida, and that it was a “great opportunity” to meet some recruits. 

A few months later, the three recruits shared their plans to travel to Miami and meet with Miami Hurricanes football coach Al Golden.

In this story, you can see the three Miami players in the middle of a recruiting trip to Florida.

In the email, the players wrote: I’m planning to come to Miami to meet with Al Golden and see him and his staff.

It will be a great opportunity for me to meet a few of his players.

This is just an introduction to the team and the culture that the coaches are instilling in the program. 

 In the next email, they added: We will be visiting Miami and will meet up with our teammates and coaches.

We will have a free visit to Miami on the first day of class, and we will meet with some of the other players. 

The players wrote that they are excited about the opportunity to meet new people, including Golden and his coaches. 

“I would say this visit will be one of my best yet,” one of them said. 

They went on to say that they plan to make a “major” impression on the Miami Hurricanes, saying that they have a “very good chance of landing a commitment.” 

In a later email, one of their other recruits, who asked to remain anonymous, said that he and his two friends were looking forward to the visit. 

I just wanted to let you know I have decided to go to Miami this week for a free weekend. 

We are looking forward not only to meeting our new friends, but to having a great time and being in a good spot. 

That visit is planned for Friday. 

After that, they told their recruiter, “We will probably go to Orlando to meet up and make sure that we are getting the best experience.” 

The Florida recruits said they were also interested in the prospect of going to Miami, as the Hurricanes were the top recruiter for the Gators. 

Golden also has a reputation as a hard-working coach who is very involved with his players, and the visit to Florida is a good opportunity to show that he is a high-quality recruiter. 

One of the three Florida players told Recode in a follow-up email that he thought that the trip was an “exciting experience.”

He said that his two teammates had expressed interest in Miami before the trip, and he is excited to be part of the team. 

But, one thing is for sure: He said they will “get to know some of his young players.” 

Golden is not the only high-profile Florida coach to get involved in a potential visit to a high school.

In December of this years, former Florida defensive lineman K’Lavon Chaplin, who committed on national signing day, sent an email to Florida’s coaching staff after a visit to his high school to meet and speak with him.

Chaplin had originally committed to Florida a month earlier, but his plans to transfer had changed.

After the visit, Chaplin tweeted about the trip.

He said in a separate email that Florida was “the best school” and that he was looking forward “to meeting some of their young guys.” 

Chaplin has since transferred to a school in California, and there are rumors that he may not return to Florida for his senior season.

Another Florida defensive tackle, Bobby Richardson, was also reportedly invited to Florida by Golden. 

Richardson, a 6-foot-4, 315-pound defensive tackle from New York, told Recopresearchers that he received an invitation to visit the university from Golden and that the two were going to meet at a private location.

He told Recodecode that Golden invited him to go with him to a private function and to meet the coaches, who would be able to help him with his transfer. 

On March 6, Golden and the players at Miami and Golden’s Florida were scheduled to visit Florida.

Golden, in his email to the Miami players, described Golden as “the nicest guy” and said that they would “make a great team.” 

As Recode’s Michael Sacks wrote in his piece about the recruiting trip, there’s no way of knowing if the visit was actually intended to happen. 

And there’s no telling what happened to the three players from Florida.

The players are being held back by their decision to not

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