Why Georgia’s Jarrett Stidham may be the best of the bunch in 2019

The Georgia defensive lineman who will make his pro day debut in New York on Thursday is a bit of a sleeper.

Stidh is a 6-foot-4, 310-pounder who is considered a very good athlete and could be a top five pick.

The best part is Stidhy is a Georgia recruit and his mother, Kay Stidha, is an ESPN analyst.

She has a history with the Bulldogs.

She played football at Georgia and was an assistant coach at South Carolina.

She and her son were on the sideline during the 2016 National Championship game, when a Georgia player threw a pass to Stidhe in the end zone.

Stidihe caught it and scored on the next play.

He scored two touchdowns in the first half.

He had eight tackles and a sack.

Stidh was a two-year starter for the Bulldogs, starting the final five games of the season before missing the final two games of 2016.

The Bulldogs didn’t lose any games during his time with the program, but they were in the thick of a losing season.

Georgia also had four defensive linemen commit to the Bulldogs in 2019.

Stuidha was on the recruiting trail as well.

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