SU recruiting strategy may need more ‘flaw’

SU recruiting plans are coming under renewed scrutiny as the University of Southern California and the University at Buffalo are both considering changes to their recruitment strategies to combat recruiting flaws.

In recent years, the two universities have made substantial strides in their recruiting efforts, and the results have been impressive.

But while the SU and BU coaches have worked diligently to attract top-tier recruits, they’ve also made significant strides in recruiting under-the-radar talent, such as freshmen.

According to the NCAA, USC is currently the No. 2 school in the nation with its total incoming freshman class of 18,000, and has more than 20,000 commits.

BU, meanwhile, has the No, 2 program in the country, with 18,500 total incoming freshmen.

The two programs have been competing for top recruits for years, and their success has allowed them to keep tabs on their recruiting bases, which have improved over the last two years.

The NCAA is reviewing the programs’ recruiting efforts as part of its review of their recruiting and academic integrity programs, which will be completed this month.

The report comes as USC and the BU coaches are under pressure to find solutions for recruiting flaws that have plagued their programs.

A series of recruiting scandals have plagued both schools in recent years.

In March, a USC official told ESPN that a recruiting scandal involving players was a “huge distraction” from recruiting.

The report by the NCAA is the latest in a string of accusations of under-recruiting that have surfaced in recent months.

In addition, the NCAA has been investigating a number of USC recruits over a recruiting dispute.

On Wednesday, The Associated Press reported that the NCAA had asked UConn, Florida State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and Washington State to pay $5 million to the former players who sued the university for the alleged under-revenue in 2014.

The schools have yet to respond to the request, but a source told the AP that the university had asked the NCAA to pay for the attorneys’ fees.

According the AP, the attorneys have filed lawsuits alleging that the colleges are improperly withholding information from them.

In the wake of the NCAA investigation, both USC and BU are in the midst of revamping their recruiting strategy.

In March, USC announced that it would be introducing a new recruiting strategy to better target under-represented groups, such that it could target more minority and underrepresented groups.

According an NCAA press release, the new strategy includes more diverse and targeted recruitment opportunities, better recruiting platforms, more outreach to minority students, and increased support for minority student athletes.

The NCAA is also investigating the potential violation of NCAA rule 16.5(d) by USC.

The university has also implemented new procedures for communicating with underrepresented students, including a new communication process and a better communication process for students of color, which should lead to better outcomes for students in minority and low-income groups.

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