How Husker Football is recruiting for 2021

Husker football commits for 2021, and recruiting is going big.

The Huskers are in position to win two national titles this season, a first for the program.

Here’s a look at what we know about the 2019 class and how they could impact the Huskers’ 2018 recruiting class.1.

Freshman defensive back Marcus White will be the Husker’s first commit since 2018, when he signed with Alabama.

He was rated the nation’s No. 9 recruit in the 2019 rankings by 247Sports and Rivals.3.

Safety Marcus White (center) is committed to Nebraska.

Husker safety Marcus White is committed #3 for Husker recruiting, but he’s also been recruiting for #1 recruit Alabama. — Adam Tamburello (@adamtamburellosports) December 13, 20192.

Safety Malik Wilson will be Nebraska’s first committed in 2020.

He has been recruited by many schools, including Alabama and Nebraska.3a.

Cornerback Malik Wilson is committed for the Huskins.

He is a redshirt freshman and the nation is waiting for the results of his official visit.4.

Cornerbacks Jalen Brown and Darrin Davis will be committed for 2018, according to 247Sports.3b.

Safety Michael McLeod will be considered for Nebraska.

McLeod was considered a candidate for the 2018 class, according the 247Sports Composite rankings.5.

Safety Brandon Hantz is committed.

He will likely compete for a spot in the Husky secondary.6.

Safety Eric Hargrave is committed, and he is one of the top recruits in the state.7.

Corner linebacker Marcus White, a 2017 commit, is committed by 247 Sports.8.

Safety Justin Hogg is committed and is the Huskies’ top safety.9.

Safety Zach Boren is committed at #9 overall.10.

Corner cornerback Jalen Williams is the No. 2 overall prospect in Nebraska.11.

Safety Corey Hargrey is committed after committing to the Husks in 2018.12.

Cornerbacker Ryan McCray is committed as a Husker.13.

Corner back Justin Thomas is committed according to Rivals.14.

Corner safety Justin Thomas and safety Devin Jones are the top two corners in the 2018 recruiting classes.15.

Corner defensive end Devin Jones is the top defensive end in the 2017 recruiting class, per Rivals.16.

Corner offensive tackle Marcus Stroman is committed in 2018 according to the 247 Sports Composite.17.

Corner wide receiver Tyrell Sutton is a Huskers first commitment, according 247Sports17a.

Safety Jabrill Peppers is a 2018 commitment according to ESPN.18.

Corner tackle Taylor Miller is committed via 247Sports, 247Sports Scout, and 247Sports Rivals.19.

Cornerline safety J.D. Williams is committed (247Sports Composite ranking).20.

Corner and safety Tarell Brown is committed following his official offer from Nebraska.21.

Corner running back Chris Warren is the country’s No 3 running back, according Rivals.22.

Corner corner Jalen Harris is the nation ‘s No. 1 safety.23.

Corner tight end Evan Brown is a four-star prospect according to Scout.24.

Corner outside linebacker Jaylen Miller is the first-ever Husker to commit to a scholarship, according ESPN.25.

Corner kicker Michael Peko is a committed Husker, according ProFootballFocus.26.

Corner, defensive back, and offensive lineman Marcus Robinson is the only Huskers commit to the 2018 classes.27.

Corner returner Tye Smith is a 2017 Husker commit.28.

Corner receiver Brandon Harris is a 2019 commitment.29.

Cornerer Marcus Stotts is a 2020 commitment.30.

Corner quarterback Justin Thomas (2017) is a true freshman.31.

Corner safeties Jordan Kjocic and Jake Locker are the nation s No. 3 safeties and No. 6 safeties respectively, according RecruitingNation.32.

Corner kick returner Kaleb Williams is a commit, according Scout.33.

Corner guard Brandon Banks is a commitment, 247 Sports says.34.

Corner center Austin Pinnock is a 2021 commit.35.

Corner inside linebacker Michael Ola will be a Huskie, according Bleacher Report.36.

Corner middle linebacker Deion Jones is a Nebraska commit.37.

Corner pass rusher Jalen Tabor is a pledge.38.

Corner nose tackle Isaiah Pead is a Wisconsin commit.39.

Corner tailback Chris Thompson is a 2022 commit.40.

Corner end Tyler Orlosky is a scholarship commit, 247sports.41.

Corner strong safety T.J. Campbell is a two-star recruit, according College Football 24/7.42.

Corner Safety Michael McCray (2017, 247) is the most important recruit for Nebraska this year

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