How to find the best college basketball recruiters

How do you find the top recruiting teams for every college basketball player?

The answer, unfortunately, is not in a Google search, but in an official document published on the recruiting website

This document provides a breakdown of the top 10 recruiting services.

It also lists the schools that are actively recruiting, in order of recruiting rankings.

Here are the top ten schools for every major recruiting position.

For the sake of brevity, we’re including only the Big Ten and the ACC for the sake a more thorough breakdown.


Indiana Hoosiers : Indiana’s recruiting ranks are the #1 position in the country.

This means that they’re not going to be the best, but they’re certainly the most coveted.

The Hoosier program was ranked in the top 30 of 247Sports, Rivals, Scout, 247Sports Composite and 247Sports Top 50, and the has the Hoosters ranked in its Top 30.

This is an incredible recruiting position and the fact that they’ve added one of the most highly regarded coaches in the history of the sport should make it an easy recruiting position to come to.

Their recruiting class includes four top 10 prospects and a slew of prospects that will have their first chance to shine in the Big 12.

Indiana is going to have a huge recruiting class in 2018 and beyond.


Kentucky Wildcats : This program is so strong that they could easily be ranked number one, even with this recruiting ranking.

This class includes three top 10 recruits.

The Wildcats have been recruiting well and should have a top five class in the 2018 recruiting class.


Florida Gators : The Gators are going to add two top 10 players in the class of 2018.

Florida is the #2 school in the SEC and is currently ranked #1 in 247Sports.

Florida also has the highest class of any school in America and has the most potential.

They have a great staff, but the Gators are still going to need to build around their best players.


Duke Blue Devils : The Blue Devils are not going be able to match the success of the Hoose family, but this class should be a solid one in 2018.

This group includes two top 5 recruits, as well as a couple of top 10 ones.

They also have a strong recruiting staff, with some of the best coaches in college basketball.


Arizona Wildcats : Arizona is not as dominant as the Hooses, but there are a couple other top schools that could make a run at this class.

The team currently ranks #1 nationally in and #2 in Scout.

Arizona is also a very well-rounded program.


Texas Longhorns : The Longhorns are going into the 2018 class as the #3 program in the nation.

The Longhorn system is very strong and should be able out-recruit some of their competition in the recruiting rankings and be able take a step up in recruiting in 2018 as well.


North Carolina Tar Heels : The Tar Heel program has been recruiting really well for a long time, but if they can find some consistency at their positions, this class could be one of their most successful ever.

Their 2017 class had two top-10 recruits, two top 20 recruits and one top 10 recruit.


Georgia Bulldogs : The Bulldogs are the number one ranked team in the ACC and are going back to school next year.

The Bulldogs have a fantastic coaching staff, and their recruits are really solid.

Georgia is also one of only three schools in the U.S. to have two top five recruits in the 2019 class.


Kansas Jayhawks : The Jayhawks are going through a rebuilding process at the moment.

They’ll have to replace some of that talent in the frontcourt and frontcourt guards.

They should have some big wins next year, but it will be interesting to see how much they can build around the likes of Jarell Martin, Alex Len, Jordan McLaughlin and Kyle Wilkes.


Kansas State Wildcats : The Wildcats are a powerhouse program in college hoops and should make a huge jump next year when they get to the Big Dance.

This will be a team that could easily push the Big 8 for the #5 spot in the NCAA Tournament.


Wisconsin Badgers : Wisconsin is a good program with a strong tradition.

They’ve had some success recently in recruiting and the Badgers are going all-in on their 2018 class.

They are ranked #3 in Scout, #4 in 247, #1 at Rivals and #1 247Sports composite.


UCLA Bruins : The Bruins have a lot of talent on their roster and the recruiting class could go a long way in 2018, but UCLA is going into a rebuilding phase with the departure of coach Adam Kiser.

They will need to replace a few players and get some new talent to play with.


Ohio State Buckeyes : The Buckeyes have one of Ohio State’s best recruiting classes in the entire

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