How to predict who will make the NBA roster next year

There is an endless supply of players to choose from at the NBA draft.

But who will emerge as the next big thing?

Here are the five players you should be watching.1.

Kentucky’s Jabari Parker, PG, KentuckyA 5-star recruit, Parker is one of the more intriguing prospects to emerge in this year’s class.

Born in Los Angeles, Parker was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft and will enter his final season at Kentucky.

He is a solid three-point shooter with great athleticism.

The Kentucky Wildcats have been a consistent three-guard combo for years and he will fit in nicely.

Parker’s game has developed as a shooter over the past few seasons, and he has developed into a very capable point guard.

His jumper is strong, he has good touch and has the ability to hit shots from all angles.

Parkers shot of 33.5% from three in 2016-17 and 39.2% from deep in 2016, according to Synergy Sports.

He was shooting nearly 55% from the field in those two seasons, which would be the highest percentage for any point guard in Kentucky history.

Parkes best attribute is his passing, as he ranked fifth in the nation in assists in 2016 and his assist-to-turnover ratio ranked seventh.

He had the best assist-turnovers ratio in the Big 12 Conference in 2016.

Parking also shot 44.7% from 3-point range in 2016 (third-best in the conference) and 56.6% (fifth-best) from deep (tied-for-fifth).

His shooting percentages from long range are also very respectable, with a 56.9% mark from long distance, which ranks as the second-best mark in the league behind Kansas’ Jordan Adams (57.5%).

Parker has a great feel for the game, which can be difficult to get a feel for from a player of his size.

But he’s not going to shoot as well from outside as he does from inside, which makes him a very effective defender.

Park’s athleticism is on display in the highlight reel above.

He has great footwork and a quick release, and his hands are good enough to put his body in front of the basket.

Parker is also an effective rebounder, as his 7.2 rebounding percentage ranked fourth in the country.

Park is a better passer than his athleticism indicates, but he’s also very athletic, and will be an excellent shooter in the NBA.

He can score from the perimeter and is very good at setting screens for teammates, which is always helpful.

Park had a good showing at the Senior Bowl this past weekend, showing off his skills and shooting the ball well.

He showed off his versatility with a great pass-first style, which he could use on defense or with the ball in his hands.

Park has an athletic frame, and while he is a little undersized for a point guard, he is extremely athletic.

Parker has great lateral quickness and the ability for quickness on his jump shots.

He does have some weaknesses offensively, but these can be mitigated by his basketball IQ.

Park was a late bloomer, but has the potential to become a very solid NBA point guard if he continues to improve his mechanics and shooting.

Park also has some potential as a three-and-D wing.

He’s not the greatest athlete, but his shooting ability is very impressive.

He also has the mobility to play on both ends of the floor, which will give him the ability on the perimeter to stretch the floor or attack off the dribble.

Parkis best attribute may also be his defense.

Parker does a very good job defending at both ends, but that is only one area.

Parker also has a good handle, which could be useful on the defensive end.

Park does not have the same length as some of the bigger guards, but will have the length to play multiple positions in the paint and protect the rim.

Park might be the next guy that makes the NBA, but it will be interesting to see if he is able to make the jump to the NBA right away.

Park will be a huge piece of the Wildcats future, and is going to be a major asset for the Wildcats in the future.2.

UCLA’s Lauri Markkanen, C, UCLAThe 6-foot-10-inch Markkananen has a nice wingspan for a big man.

He averaged 12.2 points and 8.7 rebounds per game last season for the Bruins, and was the Pac-12 Player of the Year.

He made a strong run for a starting spot this past season, as UCLA went 9-6 in conference play.

Markkanonen had the most assists of any Bruins player in 2016 with six, and had a nice sophomore campaign as a junior, averaging 10.6 points and 6.5 rebounds per contest.

Markkanen was the only player in

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