What you need to know about the USC recruiting class

The first of USC’s 2017 class will be on campus for a major signing day on Tuesday.

The USC Trojans have been active on the recruiting trail since January, but the recruiting process has taken longer than expected.

With so many commitments already made, there is not a lot of room for the recruiting community to make noise.

The Trojets are on pace to be one of the nation’s top recruiting classes in 2017.

Here is a quick look at the top four schools and how they are doing in their respective areas.1.

USC commits in all sports2.

UCLA commits in four sports3.

Notre Dame commits in three sports4.

Texas commits in two sports5.

Florida commits in one sports6.

USC is committed to recruiting in the South of America.

USC has commitments in all three sports except for football.

The Bruins are also currently recruiting in Florida.

The Gators have committed in two Sports.

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