What Phil Kornbluth’s recruitment strategy has to do with Nebraska recruiting

On Thursday, The American Conservatives reported on a recent recruiting pitch that had the Huskers sending a high school athlete to Nebraska to work out with Nebraska football coach Phil KORNBLUT.

The report has since been removed from the website, but the information is still available via the original article.

Kornbuch is the head coach of the Husker football team and has worked for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The American Conservatives report claimed that KornBluth sent a player to Nebraska because KornBLUT felt the Husk football program was lacking talent, which led him to offer the high school player a scholarship.

The article claims KornBuch wanted the player to learn how to be a quarterback in order to prepare him for playing in the NFL.

The article also claimed that the player went on to have a “really great” career, which included being drafted into the NFL in 2012.

The player who signed with the Huskies was the son of former Husker defensive end Phil Kalkut, who was hired by the Huskins as an assistant in 2017.

The NFL announced last month that Kalkuts son, Matt, had been drafted into their rookie class and signed as an undrafted free agent.

The report also claims that KORNBUT, who had recently become the coach of another high school team, had offered the player a two-year scholarship to play in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

According to the report, the player ended up signing with the team for $2,500.

Kornbluts son also received an endorsement deal with Adidas, which he also signed with in 2018.

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