Which army recruitment centres are still open?

The military’s recruitment centres in Canada are closed for the holidays, but a handful of centres still have a presence on the front lines of the battle against the Islamic State.

The military said it has reached agreements with some of the facilities to reopen them, but said there are still a few challenges ahead.

“There are some logistical and operational challenges associated with returning to operational roles,” the military said in a statement.

More than 30 of the army’s recruiting centres in Ottawa have been closed.

Some of the sites have been open since the spring, but the military has been working to re-open others and reopen a number of the military’s main recruitment centres.

Ottawa has had its busiest recruiting centre since at least December 2016, when the military opened three recruiting centres near the University of Ottawa.

There are now more than 700 recruits, many of whom are returning to Canada from the Middle East or Asia.

In the last month, the military is opening several recruitment centres around Ottawa and in Winnipeg.

A military spokesperson said it is not known when the army will reopen the centres in Toronto, Calgary, Regina and Ottawa.

The spokesperson said the service is working to “close the gaps” and to “bring our recruiting partners into the fold.”

Follow the Canadian Press’s reporting at: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/article/military-reserves-open-centres-but-are-still-closed-holiday-time-calgary-forces-recruit-circles-combat-isis-fears-fans-is-terror-continues-article15482635.ece The military is still recruiting.

Military officials say it’s important to keep the country safe and that recruiting has a big impact on what happens in the field.

Soldiers are returning home from the war in Afghanistan to see family and friends in the communities they fought and died in.

And while the service will be reopening all of its recruitment centres, it will not be able to open new ones as it has done in recent years.

Last year, the army opened the recruitment centres at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Edmonton, Edmonton International Airport, and the Toronto Military Academy.

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