Why is the Indian Army trying to recruit Indian students?

A few weeks back, the Indian government made it clear that the government would not tolerate a recruit from outside India being recruited into the Indian armed forces.

This is despite the fact that recruiters are not allowed to recruit Indians.

The government had in April 2016 introduced an online recruitment portal that allowed anyone to apply to join the Indian Armed Forces (IAF) through a mobile phone number.

The portal had to be activated by a citizen of India.

In order to join, applicants had to submit their Aadhaar number and other details in the form of an application.

In 2017, a court in New Delhi granted a stay order on the recruitment of recruits from outside the country.

However, the government did not implement the stay order and the court has now allowed the recruitment portal to be active.

The Indian government is planning to set up a training academy in the city of Hyderabad.

According to a recent report by the New York-based Institute of Military Studies, the number of recruits coming to the Indian military has doubled over the past two years, with nearly 7,000 foreign recruits entering the service in the first six months of 2018.

The institute found that more than a third of the recruits were from the United States.

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