The NFL’s most attractive recruiting class for 2019

By Tom Gannam, Fox Sports – The NFL is about to be asked to decide which teams are the most attractive to their teams’ future prospects.

The NFLPA, which represents most of the league’s 32 teams, released its 2019 recruiting rankings on Wednesday and the results were pretty good.

The Raiders, Browns, Raiders, Patriots, Raiders and Titans were among the 10 teams ranked in the top 10.

The Patriots were the most desirable to their own prospects and ranked third in the NFL, while the Raiders, Falcons, Jets, Titans, Texans and Saints were among those ranked in 10th or lower.

The Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs, Falcons and Raiders are all in the same tier as the Raiders and the Browns.

Of the 11 teams in the bottom 10, five are in the AFC West, including the Chargers, Chargers and Chiefs.

The Chiefs and Texans were the only two teams ranked outside of the AFC East and NFC East.

The Chiefs and the Texans, along with the Jets and Titans, are the only teams ranked as the No. 2 and No. 3 teams in each conference.

The Texans and Jets are the two teams from the AFC South that are rated lower than the Browns, Texans, Falcons or Raiders.

The Browns, Browns and Raiders were ranked as either No. 8 or No. 9 in each of the last four recruiting classes.

The Chargers, Browns , Raiders and Texans are the five teams in that tier that are not in the league, and the Broncos, Chiefs and Raiders all are ranked in that division.

The Broncos, Chargers , Raiders , Texans and Titans are the other three teams that are ranked lower than those four teams.

The Bengals are the best team in the division, but the Titans are second and the Jets are tied for the third spot.

The Texans, Bengals and Titans all rank lower than all of the other teams in their divisions.

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