Oklahoma State recruiting, OSU recruiting: LSU to make OSU’s 2017 class

Oklahoma State will have its top five recruiting classes this year, with five different schools expected to join the Big 12 in 2017.

The Big 12 announced the rankings on Tuesday and it’s hard to imagine OU will miss out on any of the five.

But one Big 12 school will have a big shot at making the top five and that’s Baylor, which will likely be the only Big 12 program left in the 2017 class after the departures of quarterback Seth Russell, receiver Dajean Johnson and wide receiver Laquon Treadwell.

The other five Big 12 schools will likely go with four.

The five-team list is a combination of four schools that will likely have a chance to land a 2017 commitment from a quarterback, receiver, tight end and wide receivers, and the top six overall players will likely come from those four.

Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Baylor, TCU and Kansas will all have four commitments this year and that is just the start of the Big Twelve’s 2017 recruiting class.

The Big 12 also announced that Texas A&M will be the next Big 12 player to make the Top 10, and Texas will also have a spot on the Top 15.

Kansas, TCU, Texas A+M and Oklahoma will all be on the top 15, but it will be a close call between the Big Ten and Pac-12 as Texas A.M. and Kansas are the only two schools on the list that will not have a top-15 commitment.

The 2017 class has four quarterbacks, two wide receivers and two tight ends and it will likely see four or five quarterbacks and wideouts in the class.

Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma are the five Big XII schools that should have at least one commitment from every quarterback, wide receiver and tight end.

The rest of the schools in the Big XII will have five commitments and the rest of Big XII recruiting will likely end with one commitment per school.

The Top 15 is expected to be the most competitive recruiting class for the Big East and the Big 13, and that will be especially true for the Pac-10, which has four teams ranked in the top 25.

Arizona State, UCLA, Oregon, Washington State and Oregon State are the three Pac-9 schools that might have a shot at one of the four in 2017, but they have to finish above Arizona or they’ll be the last team left in that class.

The Pac-8 will also be on a path to another Big East player this year.

The Pac-7 will likely fall to the bottom of the list, as will the Pac, which could be a surprise to some.

The two other Pac-6 schools are California and Oregon.

The Ducks, meanwhile, will have to fend off Washington State, Arizona and USC to get a commitment from any of those four Pac-13 schools.

The only Pac-16 schools that could land a commitment are Oregon State and Washington.

The West Coast will also likely have to contend with California and Washington State to get any Pac-15 schools in play.

The top five schools will have at most one commitment in the Top 25.

Only three Pac 12 schools are projected to have at best two commits, and only three Big 12 players are projected with at least two.

The SEC and Big Ten will have three players in the five-star range, and two of those three Big Ten schools are Oregon and USC.

That leaves the Pac 10 and ACC with two in the mix.

The SEC and ACC have two in their group, with the Pac 12 also projected to be one of those two, but that leaves the ACC and Big 12 with only one commitment.

The ACC will have two commitments in the three-star tier, but the Pac East has one in the four-star level.

The conference is currently tied for the third-most Top 10 recruiting classes in the country, behind only the Big West and Big East, and it would be interesting to see what happens with the remaining Pac-11 and ACC teams.

The rest of those teams are still working their way through the recruiting process.

Texas A, Baylor and Oklahoma State have their eyes on a number of schools, and Oklahoma has a couple of commitments in its pool of candidates.

TCU, Baylor’s fellow Big 12 team, has its eye on Utah, but Utah will be looking to get in on the ground floor with the Longhorns.

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